Service FORMS

The following provisions are from the Borrego Water District Administrative Code

·        Customer must complete, read and sign this “Application for Water Service/Water Service Agreement” and pay the associated fees from the “Water Rates” sheet.
·        If this is a new installation, the customer is required to clearly mark the property lines with a stake and mark the side of the lot where they prefer the new meter be installed (meter will be installed along one of the side property lines within the street right-of-way).  The District reserves the right to determine the final location of the meter site.
·        Customer agrees to pay the monthly “Readiness to Serve Charge” from the “Water Rates” sheet and usage bill on or before the 24th of each month, or be subject to “late fees”. If the water bill is delinquent an average of 3 times in a one year period, a deposit of the average yearly use or a minimum of $100.00 will be required to keep said account active. When the account has been in a current paid status for a 1 year time period, this deposit amount will be refunded to the customer.
·        Once a meter has been installed, the “Readiness to Serve Charge” will be billed monthly whether or not there is any usage.  If this bill is not paid for any reason for a 6-month period of time, a lien will be placed on the property, the water meter will be removed and new installation fees will apply.
·        Any delinquent payment or late charge payment by a check that is not honored will result in a penalty being assessed or a deposit being required.
·        Please take note that if a property is rented the owner is ultimately responsible for any unpaid balance left by the tenant.
·        It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the meter box clear of landscaping, bees and debris. If the meter reader cannot read the meter because of any of the above, the District will estimate usage for that billing and the customer will be notified to clear the meter before the next reading.
·        Customer will install and maintain a water pressure regulator on the meter service.
·        Customer is responsible for all plumbing on their side of the water meter.
·        Under no circumstance is the customer to operate the District’s meter shut-off located on the street-side of the water meter.  Customer will only use the shut-off valve on their side of the meter; if inoperable, contact the District office for assistance.
·        Customers are forbidden to attach any ground wire to any plumbing, which may, or may not be, connected to the District’s distribution system.
·        The District agrees to provide 24-hour notice, if possible, when water is to be shut-off for repairs.
·        The District or its duly authorized agents shall at all reasonable times have the right to enter or leave the customer’s premises for any purpose reasonably related to the service of water to the customer.
·        Any change in meter size or change in meter location, requested by the customer, will be charged time and materials and will be performed at the discretion of the District.
·        It is the responsibility of the customer to notify the District of any change of ownership or change of billing address. For your protection, in case of any emergency situation, please make sure we have phone numbers on file to reach you in your absence from Borrego.
·        In lieu of providing a Certificate of Liability Insurance, I hereby declare that I will assume all responsibility for any damage done to the water meter or the water system as a result of my connection to the system.